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Our Story

It all started when our CEO, Bernard, was practicing his chip shot on the beach.

Chip-Down is an ultimately portable golf-inspired backyard that anyone can play! We have simplified the game of golf to be manageable for everyone. Our game has evolved from a wooden box prototype to our now lightweight and portable assemblies. As golfers, we know that it takes years to perfect the game of golf but with Chip-Down, it takes minutes! Our specialized shuttlecocks soar through the air with perfect trajectory and do not roll around in busy parking lots. They truly provide a user-friendly experience for all.

Chip Down is based out of Buffalo, NY and we are proud to be a part of the Western New York Entrepreneurial community.

Our Team

Bernard and Joe are two students doing whatever it takes to live their dream of owning a successful business. They are in their last year of a combined mechanical engineering/MBA program and balancing Chip-Down, school, and their part time jobs has proved to be challenging. If there is one quality that describes the two of them, however, it is “determined.” Bernard and Joe have worked incredibly hard to watch their idea come to fruition.

Their complementary personalities allow them to have a productive working relationship. Bernard is a creative risk-taker while Joe is a pragmatic thinker. It’s a hole-in-one combination.

Bernard Cohen

CEO/Co-Founder of Chip-Down

Bernard is the Chief Executive Officer at Chip-Down. He is very outgoing, personable, and creative. In his spare time, Bernard likes to play golf, cook, and keep up on new technology trends!

Joe Ricciardi

COO/Co-Founder of Chip-Down

Joe is the Chief Operating Officer at Chip-Down. He is a pragmatic thinker and is always looking for ways to make concepts become a reality. In his spare time, Joe enjoys to read articles and play video games.


  • “I could see myself getting sucked into Chip-Down for hours.”

    Male, Age 20 (Verified Beta Tester!)
  • “My backyard barbeques will never be the same!”

    Female, Age 38 (Verified Beta Tester!)
  • “I’ve never played golf, but I tried Chip-Down and it was surprisingly easy to pick up!”

    Female, Age 23 (Verified Beta Tester!)
  • “The perfect game for my friends and I to play while crackin’ some cold ones.”

    Male, Age 52 (Verified Beta Tester!)